Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro

The Art of Luxury
Real Estate

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Celebritize & sell high-end properties through proven media, luxury brands, and influencer marketing.
Answer a few questions and get the best service.

Real Estate Entrepreneur
The Art
of Luxury
Real Estate
Celebritize & sell high-end properties
through proven media, luxury brands, and influencer marketing. Answer a few questions and get your personalized services.
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Get to know me

Hi everyone! My name is Alvaro Nunez Alfaro, an entrepreneur and bestselling author with a deep love for real estate. Originally from Madrid, Spain, I followed the American Dream and moved to Miami where I founded Super Luxury Group, a real estate powerhouse with the mission to revolutionize the luxury real estate industry.

Today, Super Luxury Group represents an exclusive network of real estate professionals, strategic media partners, luxury brands, and influencers from all around the world that help market and sell multimillion-dollar homes.

In addition to business, you can find me skydiving, flying helicopters, competing in ultra-endurance races, climbing some of the tallest mountains, speaking at conferences, and traveling to new and exciting destinations while helping others. These experiences have taught me that life is about pushing beyond limits and living with intention.

My ultimate purpose in life is to inspire and empower others to do the same. That's why I am here, connecting with you. Whether you're looking to sell a luxury home, work with luxury brands, or to go after your dreams, I have something interesting for you. Let's connect and take a step forward towards achieving your ultimate goals.
High level of personalized service to create a luxury experience for you.
“I’ve experienced Alvaro’s seemingly infinite supply of positive energy first-hand even in challenging circumstances. Now readers everywhere will understand how they too can turn any obstacle into a superpower.”
voted one of the 8 most inspirational people in history

Level Up

Turning Your Obstacles into Superpowers
My Book

Elevate your brand, expand your network,
and increase results

SLG Real Estate

Nowadays, it has become challenging to follow up with the ever expanding luxury real estate market. Make the difference and take over the industry by giving your product the attention it deserves.

Celebritizing your property is the key strategy to maximize its exposure and find the perfect client in the shortest delay.
Elevate your brand and product to the next level

SLG Media

Push your boundaries and expand your reach by working with some of the most successful influencers, media outlets, and luxury brands.

With direct access to professionals in the luxury lifestyle industry, you can take advantage of influencer marketing, collaborations, TV appearances, high press features, and SEO optimization techniques. This is a golden opportunity to build a strong brand, maximize exposure, and achieve strong results.
Maximize the power of exclusive collaborations
SLG Media

SLG Network

Connect and build your relationships with some of the most successful professionals in luxury real estate.

From real estate brokers, interior designers, architects, and developers, this is an exclusive invite-only network that will help you expand yourself and your business.
SLG Network

Aim for the best results by learning from the most successful players in your industry. With an innovative and exclusive approach, these programs offer you the tools to develop the vision and assimilate the methods to success.

Understand the market, assess opportunities, embrace innovations, leverage technology, and apply all of these into becoming the leader in your industry.
A goldmine to start your beautiful story


As seen on stages speaking alongside real estate celebrities like Grant Cardone and Tony Giordano, you can check Alvaro’s upcoming speaking events on his social media.

If you are looking for an energetic and valuable speaker to talk about the new art of luxury real estate, look no further and reach out below - let’s make it happen!


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